Cotton Canvas 1892 Retro Sierra Club Rucksack

Price: $21.50

A new twist on the classic rucksack, this bag is made from stylish, cotton canvas. Features three outer pockets with magnetic closures and a main compartment which is secured with buckle and drawstring closures

SHIPPING & HANDLING INFORMATION: For all orders there is a base charge of $3.00 plus $1.00 for each item (mix or match) to be shipped. If you order 1 item the shipping cost would be $4.00, if you order 3 items (mix or match) the shipping cost would be $6.00.


Save on shipping costs! All of our items are available for pick-up at the Chapter office. Just call us at 858-569-6005 with your order. You can pay by credit card, check or cash if you pick up your order from the office.

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